An antique book has been found amongst the possessions of the late Reverend Morley and when it is delivered to Mr Feveral, curator of Wrayford Museum, for authentication; he finds the contents deeply troubling. Compelled to investigate further, Mr Feveral enlists the help of the Librarian to try and unravel the mystery of the book. Their search leads them to Seagrave Oratory, an unsanctified chapel once believed to have been the hiding place of the terrifying Magpie Witch.


Starring Alan Birch as The Librarian, Weeping Bank Productions follow the success of their two previous adaptations of A.G. Smith’s work, An Evening of Delectable Terror and The Walpurgisnacht Hauntings, which have been packing theatres since 2017; with this nerve-shredding full cast production that is guaranteed to give you a sleepless night.

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