Join our story teller Maris Reever (played by Alan Birch) if you dare, as he relates five eerie tales of murder, death and the supernatural that have left their ghostly imprints. 


Listen to the account of the local Vicar accused of witchcraft and condemed to die. 


Followed by the tragic tale of  two young lovers who lost their lives on the same day. 


Hear about the fateful night a horse and cart became trapped in sinking mud. 


Then there’s the legend of the beast of  Hagley Hall that continues to cast its shadow across The Littleton Estate to this day.


Finally The Librarian recalls a terrifying  ordeal with the supernatural that will disturb your dreams for nights to come.


These stories are brought to life using projected images, lighting and sound effects to create a terrifying atmosphere.

Not a night for those of a nervous disposition.

For three nights only at The Old Joint Stock Theatre in Birmingham

Thursday 29th OCTOBER

Friday 30th OCTOBER

Saturday 31st OCTOBER


TICKETS £13.00

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